Rector’s letter – Feb 2016

Buildings update — I was delighted to announce at the Wysall carol service just before Christmas that we have now reached our £46.5K target to replace the lead roof to the nave of the church.  Many thanks to the residents and friends of Wysall village who have give so freely of their time and of their support to the fundraising events.  Over half the money came in through anonymous personal donations, £11.5K came from local charities, and the rest came in through the various fundraising activities throughout the year, including a whopping £6.5K from the spectacular “Raise the Roof” dinner (many thanks Debbi & friends!). We had hoped to have started the repair by now, however work has had to be delayed as we discover we have two species of bat living in the church, and we have to avoid the hibernation and roosting season.   At least we haven’t discovered any newts yet…
There are delays too to the start of the work to Willoughby church’s chancel roof — the awful weather before Christmas meant that the contractor has been held back on other projects, and we now have to juggle the work around the weddings we have in the spring and summer.

As you get this letter, Lent will be about to begin and we journey once more to Holy Week and Easter.  Resurrection literally means “to get up again” (it’s ‘anastasia’ in the original language of the New Testament).  As we see this work going on in our churches over the year (and the recent work we have been doing at St Peter Widmerpool too), let’s reflect on God’s love for us.  The real resurrection is not so much about our church buildings, important though they are, but about our communities finding new health and heart, about discovering for ourselves that nothing is lost, and God gives us the strength and grace and picks us up, just as in that deep mystery so long ago He raised Jesus from the tomb to live again and to trail-blaze the way to heaven for us.

Nothing is lost — God picks us up.  Alleluia.