An update on the chancel roof


I write as the month of April comes to an end, and I’m delighted to say our roofing firm JTC Roofing Contractors Ltd has nearly completed the lead work.  Here are some photos to show the progress.

Chancel sealed off to prevent dust ingress to nave. The organ has an extra layer of protection.
The lead has been stripped off the chancel roof. Temporary waterproofing is in place.
The pitch of the roof is increased to aid water run off.
The roof committee at work.
Lead work to gutters finished. Lead work to roof starting.
Lead work to roof nearly done

Rector’s letter – April 2016

Easter’s fallen early this year — I write this letter the week before Holy Week, so all that is yet to come.  Daffodils were everywhere for Mothering Sunday, and as this is alway held three weeks before Easter that came as somewhat of a surprise!  The christian festival of Easter is, of course, meant to be a surprise, and in the months of April and May, we continue to work out what it means for God to work out the impossible in us. The heart of the christian message is about love, grace and forgiveness, and of the possibility of change as God calls us back to himself.  God’s change is both secure and insecure:  secure in that God’s change is positive — it is God’s nature breaking out within us; insecure as rather like a wild wind, we have no idea where it will take us.  Easter ends with Ascension and Pentecost, the early christians’ 10 day wait after Jesus’ last resurrection appearance for birth of the church, as God’s Spirit (wind, breath, fire, life) is poured out upon his people.  Disturbing, wild, and good.

So let us all, whatever our faith, embrace change that is change for good, that brings life and love for others.
Let us pray together:

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your people,
Kindle in us the fire of your love.

Your’s as ever