Rector’s letter – August 2016

The thing that has most upset me about the Brexit vote hasn’t been whether we remain or leave, or indeed the rapid recycling of the Conservative party or the implosion of the Labour party (though that is indeed worrying as all governments need good opposition) — it is rather the prejudice and intimidation that many that live in our towns and cities have faced in the first few days following the the vote.

One of the advantages of being part of the church is that we have clergy in every part of the county, and so very quickly get to hear when things are amiss — the tales we have heard in the media of folk being confronted in the street and told to “go home” because of their skin colour or style of dress are indeed true, and expose a worrying side to our society that many of us had hoped was no longer there, or at least greatly diminished. The irony is that those who are being confronted are typically second or third generation British citizens and not affected by the “Leave” vote in any case!

By the time you read this (early August) much of this will have settled down, but we must make sure, both as individuals and as a society, that our true majority values are made crystal clear. We all have a role to play in this, especially as the reality of Brexit begins to be worked out in the coming months. Let us pray and take action now — share what we think — so that those with unsavoury views do not have a platform upon which to build when Brexit does not turn out the way they hoped.

Yours as ever

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