Rector’s letter – October 2016

Autumn should now be upon us, though as I write, we’ve just had the hottest September day since 1911.  In the church’s cycle, we are mid-way through our harvest festivals — a period in which we remember our dependence on those who farm on our behalf, as well as all those who form part of the chain that brings our food to the table.  The key theme in harvest is that of thanksgiving, and recognising ultimately our dependence upon God.  It’s also a time to offer with thanksgiving the other things that we make with our labour, giving thanks for the reports we have written, the people we have helped, the lives of our families and friends and what the year has brought, and of course as the remembrance season begins in November, to remember with thanksgiving those who have recently passed away.

For me personally the next few months will be a harvest of a sort too.  I’ve been ordained now for some 17 years, and the time has come for me to take a sabbatical.  What this means is that I’ll be taking a back seat from parish duties until the Christmas carols services, and leave you in the capable hands of the Rev’d Canon Tony Cox (01509 880861).   Thanks Tony!
I’ll be using the time to study how younger people, committed to the live of the church, pray today; reflecting too on how I learned to pray in my early 20s myself — though that seems quite some time ago now!

Wishing you all the best for the autumn, and looking forward to be formally back with you all in mid-December!


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