Rector’s letter – February 2017

By the time this magazine drops through your letterbox in early February, the Christmas season will be somewhat behind us.  I’d like to encourage you, however, still to live in the spirit of Christmas, of gifts given, and of the potential of who we might be when loved and redeemed, as our year continues.  We face a period of uncertainty as the Trump presidency becomes a reality and as we work our way forward towards leaving the European Union.  Uncertainty is not necessarily a bad thing — it can be fruitful, as it asks us to work out for ourselves those things that we hold of central importance in our lives, and that, in turn, can help us to find better priorities by which to live our lives.  Please, though, go through this process in the spirit of generosity that is inspired by Christmas, of the message that we are all deeply valued by God just as we are.  Lent, of course, approaches, and has its own theme of stripping down and discovering what is essential, what is right for us, but this is not a thing in its own right:  it’s all about being prepared to celebrate what Easter will bring for us — new hope, a fresh start, the power to live a re-aligned life with passion for the betterment of all.  Let us work to find a better way forward for our lives, both individually and as community, and commit ourselves to the greater good.

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