Rector’s letter — October 2017

Dear all

As I write this, I’m just off to take my last wedding of the season, and autumn is upon us.  I do enjoy taking weddings — they are always a privilege.

There is something about the simplicity and clarity of the wedding vows — an ideal held up for us to live to — that strikes me afresh.  I try, at every wedding, to make clear that as we fall short of our vows, we need to live as people who keep short accounts, that we regularly and explicitly forgive one another for not taking the very best care of each other.

Marriage lived well acts as a sign of how we, married or otherwise, should lead the whole of our lives.  We live as people and community, for the better of all.  Living, loving, forgiving, enabling — we bear with one another, and move on with the future and its challenge set before us.

Yours, as ever,

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