The Chancel roof is finished

I’m delighted to say that the chancel roof repairs (and associated drainage works) are now complete.   Many thanks to all who have contributed to this project, to

  • Peter Rogan Associates Ltd, our architect,
  • Elizabeth Bryans, Tony Cox and Chris Moody, who have with me formed the PCC’s project team,
  • to our contractors JTC roofing, and, of course,
  • to those who have helped raise and given the funds for this project, especially the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund for their generous grant which covered the bulk of the cost of making the chancel watertight.

Thank you all.

Here is a picture of the completed roof:

An update on the chancel roof


I write as the month of April comes to an end, and I’m delighted to say our roofing firm JTC Roofing Contractors Ltd has nearly completed the lead work.  Here are some photos to show the progress.

Chancel sealed off to prevent dust ingress to nave. The organ has an extra layer of protection.
The lead has been stripped off the chancel roof. Temporary waterproofing is in place.
The pitch of the roof is increased to aid water run off.
The roof committee at work.
Lead work to gutters finished. Lead work to roof starting.
Lead work to roof nearly done

The Chancel


The East window in the chancel has no makers identification marks upon it & it was thought that we could never find out as the style of it was similar to many makers. However by good fortune the following was found in the weekly magazine for clergy, ‘Church Bells’, dated 6 September 1895:

‘ A new east window and two south windows have been placed in the church. The former was the gift of Rev. Joseph Clark and was filled with glass by Mr. W. G. Taylor.’

Taylor worked in Berners Street, London, he died in 1897, aged 75 years.